The company

The company

Casaibéria Real Estate Agency Lda. was created in February 2007, and our growth reflects the success we have had to date. We have several offices in the Algarve and in Lisbon, which ensure a vast network of properties to chose from.

Casaiberia is dedicated to the marketing of luxury real estate in Portugal for the international market. Most of our customers have immediate purchasing power and come from the most varied countries.

We are a real estate agency with several offices distributed throughout the Algarve, and also in Lisbon. Our focus is on our customers' satisfaction, meeting their needs and requirements. Casaiberia has a wide and exclusive range of properties, located either on the coast or inland, near the mountains, by the sea, in urban or rural areas.

With regards to the purchase and sale of your property, we work with a great team of professionals and employees, including notaries, lawyers, solicitors, banking institutions and other service providers with whom we maintain  agreements.

Our resident team communicates fluently in several languages, ensuring adequate response to our International customers. This ease of communication, one of our greatest qualities, allows us to help clients and investors of all nationalities who search for quality homes, whether permanent or simply to spend their holidays.

As part of the customer service we offer to the buyer, we help those who qualify for the golden visa status, which represents a significant part of our business.

Our expansion and customer service project is not just limited to the areas where we have offices, as we continually seek to improve our response to the needs and requirements of our buyer and seller customer.


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