The value of a customer profile

The value of a customer profile

In our business we regularly use the expression "from people to people". We do not know its origin or authorship, but we recognise it as a motto for our profession.

We bring this truth to life in the various branches of our work, whether it's a simple phone call, during a property visit, or simply the moment when a potential client first crosses our agency's door.

When a client seeks our help in finding their new home, there is a whole range of information that we need to obtain. We must leave the client at ease and not invade him with our questions, being aware and knowing how to conduct this task, so often misunderstood by our interlocutor.

Some of the most important aspects of the client profile are related to financial, personal and other more intimate information, such as dreams and emotional needs. Establishing an empathic and close relationship with the client is essential in this action, but it is also extremely necessary that the client understands that the more information he provides us with, the better we will do our job. There is no point in going on visits without first understanding what the person is looking for, how we can effectively help them, and even if there is financial capacity for that, avoiding disappointment. It is also our job to balance the dream and the need. They are not always compatible, but we can always offer alternatives.

It is in this exchange of information and unique details that we, as real estate consultants, can make a difference in the market: we are more effective. We will certainly be one step closer to the final goal of those involved, while at the same time exponentially increasing the degree of customer satisfaction.
In short, it is important to be the first to be aware of this need in order to know how to convey it. In an activity that is "from people to people", helping is only possible if we put into practice this ability to question, understand and guide, always focusing on the common goal: finding the perfect property.

Good work and happy sales!


Text: Lurdes Duarte

Pictures: John Schnobrich; Kraken Images; Cytonn Photography (Unsplash)