12 steps to sell your house - The last 6 steps of preparing to sell your home

12 steps to sell your house  - The last 6 steps of preparing to sell your home

Welcome back! After getting to know in the previous article some of our tips for preparing to sell your property, I bet you're excited about the idea of knowing the following. Do not forget! If you have been on our social networks, enjoy and put your like...on our posts. There you will find many other suggestions that can help you.  Ready?

7 - Take care of the outside of your house

 If it is a villa, think about painting or washing the outside walls. Trim the hedges, pick the leaves, mow the lawn, clean the entrance, remove cobwebs and bird droppings. If necessary, paint the main door and polish the hardware. Give your garden a new life by adding flowers and colour. Remember, a messy garden can give the image of a crazy house and the outside is the first thing buyers will see. In the case of an apartment, confirm that doorbells, video entry, outdoor lamps and common areas are all in working order.

8 - Deep clean

 You will want your house to smell good all the time, so it's time to put on your gloves, pick up your detergents and start cleaning. Get the entire family in this process as it can be very tiring. Do a thorough cleaning all over the house, it might even seem easier than last time, you'll have fewer objects to clean, don't you think? And when you're done, start cleaning again: you'll want your house spotless at visiting time and smelling nice. Try to always keep everything organized and clean including those stains on the shower glass door as you never know when you will have a last minute visit. This is a continuous process.

9 - Eliminate smells

After deep cleaning most smells will have disappeared, but if any persist don't opt for incense or electric air fresheners. This will only disguise the smells and you don't know if buyers like the smell of that red berries’ candle. So choose to find the origin of that smell and eliminate it. It could be the fridge, roast from the previous dinner or pets. Beside cleaning, air the house well before a visit. If there are smokers in the house, forbid smoking inside for a while before you decide to put the house on sale. There is nothing more upsetting than the intense smell of cigarettes. A very useful tip is to make a good coffee minutes before the customers arrive. No one can resist the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, can they?

10 - Add plants

 Start preparing the ground for the next stage by adding some plants to your house. The plants create a more welcoming environment and some purify the air. Add colourful fruits to your dinner table. This environment conveys calm and freshness and most people like these elements. Go to the florist, but remember do not over do it, we do not want the room turned into a jungle.

11 - Do Home Staging

 By now, and with all the tips I've given you, your house will be perfect to be launched on the market. Home Staging consists of cleaning and reorganizing the spaces. It's like a staging for the photo technician to take the maximum potential of the property. The goal is to value your home, make it more attractive and distinct from the others. When choosing your agent, always ask if you can help him on this point. As they say "the eyes eat first".

12 - Choose CASAIBERIA as your mediator

Finally and so important is the choice of your real estate agent Casaiberia. Beside being able to give you all these free tips we will surely be your biggest ally in the sale of your property. We have a large team spread throughout the country working daily for the success of our customers. For us, a client is a friend, someone I want to trust me in one of the most important decisions of their life, the sale of their property. The success of selling your home starts when you choose a Casaiberia agent.


Texto: João Molha

Sources: Realtor/Trulia

Picture of Merio by Pixabay, Igor Schubin by Pixabay, Jesse Bridgewater by Pixabay



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