"Papers"? What do I need to sell my house?"

"Papers"? What do I need to sell my house?"

When you decide to put your property on sale, several questions immediately arise that require a professional and rigorous response. One of these concerns relates to the documentation necessary to proceed with your idea. What papers do I need? Where do I get each one? Will they be valid and up to date? Although they may differ according to the type of property in question, we present the most common list of necessary documents for apartments and villas: 

Tax certificate

Registry certificate 

Floor plan(s)

Habitation licence 

Energy Certificate 

Technical certificate (when the property is later 03/2004) 

To ensure that this process takes place with the greatest security and reliability, collect all the elements described above and, together with one of our specialized professionals, analyse each one of them, because these documents allow to identify your property and validate all the elements necessary, for the deed signing (owners, mortgages, licensing, etc.). 

Contact Casaiberia, make an appointment with one of the Consultants and put the sale of your property in good hands. 



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