Emigration - how life in a new homeland can be succcessful, here are some tips!

Emigration - how life in a new homeland can be succcessful, here are some tips!

Emigration is much more than a fad. Those who leave their homeland usually have a good reason to do so. It is true that routes abroad have become more comfortable today. If you move your life to another country, you have to pay attention to more things than you think.

What does Emigration mean?

For some people it's the dream of a lifetime that they want come true. Often the idea starts with the beginning of a restful life in a country with sun and the beach, and if possible still during working age.
However, most of the changes abroad take place after retirement. It does not matter when, but how, as there is much to consider before the dream of a carefree life abroad can finally come true.

Living abroad as a worker or a pensioner?

Every year, more than 1.7 million Europeans move to live abroad.

Which country should they choose?

The question is whether the reason for emigration is a new job or simply the dolce vita of retirement.
If you go to work abroad, you have to take into account different aspects then those who are in retirement.
Depending on the country chosen for the new life, it may be necessary to apply for a visa or residence status. After all, it will not be a three weeks' holiday, but a move to another country. In Europe, the embassies of the respective countries usually have information on their websites.

Getting ready for your new home is essential

It doesn't matter where you want to emigrate to; you need patience with the authorities and money. There are member states that require a minimum personal balance of five digits in order to have financial security. Health and social security systems vary greatly outside the European Union. If you travel within the Schengen area, all you need is your country's social security insurance. International health insurance can be an asset. There are a number of private insurers that advise emigrants and expatriates on this issue.

Get tips on fiscal responsibility before moving

Inform yourself about the payment of taxes, because even if you live in another country you can be taxed in your country of origin. Those who remain registered in certain EU countries will also pay tax on all their income there; even if the money was earned abroad. For example, if you register as a resident in Portugal, only money earned here will be taxed by the Portuguese Tax Authority, namely property income.

Which are the most popular countries for emigrants?

The Expats Insider Report 2019 puts Taiwan in first place, choosing the security of the country as an important criterion for this result. Vietnam and Portugal are in second and third place.

Here are the top ten according to Insider Report 2019:

  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Portugal
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Singapore
  • Bahrain
  • Ecuador
  • Malaysia
  • Czech Republic

Emigration to a low cost life

The most popular countries for retirees to move to are countries with low living costs and good medical care, as well as virtual and human social network.

Among them:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Greece
  • Slovenia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Austria

However, there are very important points to be taken into account.

Guide yourself through this checklist:

  • How much money do you have?
  • Valid identity documents
  • Clarification of the situation regarding the issuing of a visa and/or residence permit
  • Obtain other necessary documents (birth certificate, etc.)
  • Confirm foreign health insurance
  • Whether the country of origin has a social security agreement with the country of destination
  • Cancel unnecessary telephone and insurance contracts on time
  • Educate yourself about fiscal responsibility
  • Basic language course of the destination country or enough English
  • Learn more about the health system
  • Know more about the school system if applicable
  • Getting advice on emigration from a state-approved body

When it comes to moving abroad, minimize. The abundance of personal property becomes expensive. Get offers from different specialized removal companies to the destination country. You can turn to groups of expatriates of your nationality on social networks to give you some tips.

The most important thing is to keep in touch with your country of origin, because sometimes dreams are just that and the reality in a foreign country as well as your experiences can make you want to return to your origins. You may also want to go back for your grandchildren or for a relative who needs your help, you never know...


Text: Paulo Lopes

Picture: jacqueline macou by Pixabay 



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