Can living above the Supermarket be fashionable again?

Can living above the Supermarket be fashionable again?

Residential and commercial buildings are being built again in some of the central European countries partly by the commercial groups themselves, a model that can easily be adapted to our needs and urban reality in Portugal. The synergy effects are convincing because there are many winners.

It is normal for a supermarket to be located in a residential or commercial building. But then the areas would be bigger and there would also be more parking spaces, only going according to the new hybrid construction scheme of this type of new property. It should be noted that these economic groups were betting on expansion in the suburbs and in stand-alone options. Now, as by miracle they realized that there is still room for apartments above the markets and parking spaces that are often empty.

In Berlin, for example, there were already 330 shops and markets between 2017 and 2018 with the potential for 50 to 100 apartments each, thus creating one of the cities with the greatest shortage of housing space in these circumstances 24,750 dwellings and parking spaces not yet counted. If we look and calculate at the Lisbon and Oporto GAM we will have numbers that may not be identical, but with a noticeable impact for these housing markets.

But of course these Groups do not want to sell apartments, however to build new markets in the most important urban centres, this solution with rental apartments on top of them may be a solution for the lack of rental properties in Portugal.

There may be several projects with residential or office use or other services such as low-cost hotels, schools, universities to hospitals nothing is impossible in these hybrid projects.

Multifunctional developments, with complete condominiums, have several leisure options and services at affordable prices.

The concept of sharing or cohabitation already exists in many cities of the world. We are already sharing several services every day, from online movies to private transport. This trend has come about because people care more about their time, their money and the environment.

But when we think about creating housing we ask ourselves how is it possible to share our home? Condominiums like this attract a new niche of people who are no longer interested only in residing, but living well, with quality and many options for leisure and entertainment.

To share is to have less work to maintain of and more time to live your life. To have fewer individual spaces and more collective spaces, thinking about everyone's well-being. By sharing the same services in the condominium, we have less expenses and more efficiency in maintenance, since everyone shared the same benefits. Having less waste and more sustainability is the key to the architecture of sharing, and above all the cost savings that can be reflected in the purchase and rental values.


Text: Paulo Lopes



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