Portugal less than one percentage point away from reaching its target for renewable energy!

Portugal less than one percentage point away from reaching its target for renewable energy!

The share of the cake in renewable energy of all the energy consumed by the European Union has risen to 18%. According to Eurostat, in Portugal that slice is at 30.3%, less than one point from the target.

Of all the energy consumed in the European Union in 2018, 18% came from renewable sources, 0.5 percentage points more than in the previous year. In Portugal, the share of renewable energy in the total cake stood at 30.3%, less than one percentage point from the target set for 2020 by the Executive.

It should be noted that the community target was to have 20% of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. By 2030, the European Union wants to see this share increase to 32%.

By 2018, 12 of the 28 Member States had already achieved their national targets: Bulgaria (achieved a share of 20.5% when the target was 16%), the Czech Republic (achieved a share of 15.1% when the target was 13%), Denmark (achieved a share of 36.1% when the target was 30%), Estonia (achieved a share of 30% when the target was 25%), Greece (18%), Croatia (achieved a share of 28% when the target was 20%), Italy (achieved a share of 17, 8%, when the target was 17%), Latvia (reached a slice of 40.3%, when the target was 40%), Lithuania (reached a slice of 24.4%, when the target was 23%), Cyprus (reached a slice of 13.9%, when the target was 13%), Finland (reached a slice of 41.2%, when the target was 38%), and Sweden (reached a slice of 54.6%, when the target was 49%).

In addition, four other European countries were within one percentage point of their national targets, namely Portugal.

According to Eurostat, the Netherlands (6.6 percentage points), France (6.4 percentage points), Ireland (4.9 percentage points), the United Kingdom (4 percentage points) and Slovenia (3.9 percentage points) were the furthest from its target.

According to data also published by Eurostat this Thursday, 8% of the energy used to power transport in the European Union came from renewable sources in 2018.

Sweden has established itself as the European country with the largest share of renewable energy in the transport sector (29.7%), followed by Finland (14.1%), Austria (9.8%) and the Netherlands (9.6%). Portugal managed to secure sixth place in the European table, with a share of renewables of 9.04%.



Picture: Free-Photos by Pixabay