Chiado and Estrela are by far the most sought after and most expensive neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Chiado and Estrela are by far the most sought after and most expensive neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Chiado and Estrela are by far the most sought after and most expensive neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Chiado, Santo António, Misericórdia and Estrela are the most expensive neighborhoods to buy housing in the city of Lisbon. Here the average values are around 900,000 euros.

The most sought-after typology with the mediators has been the T2 and the properties with surrounding green spaces, with preference to elevators, garage, and easy access to public transport or even the proximity of green areas such as gardens in the city of light.

According to data from casafari and other sites, the most expensive neighborhood is Chiado with a value per m2 of about 10,000 euros. Chiado is the most sought-after neighborhood among all the districts of the capital. Then follows the neighborhood of Santo António, where the price per m2 runs the 5,395 euros followed by Mercy with 5,058 euros m2 and the Star with the average price of 4,347 euros a m2.

The reason for the evolution of price in these neighborhoods, is linked to the scant supply of real estate in these neighborhoods. And the new projects are waiting for the permits, caused by excessive bureaucratic delays of the municipal chamber of Lisbon and the public function that in this matter leaves much to be desired.

Therefore, the price is dictated mainly by the scant supply, even if demand is higher in other parishes. This is the case of Avenidas Novas, Belém and Parque das Nações that join Estrela, Bairro Alto, Graça, Alfama and Príncipe Real in the list of neighborhoods with the highest demand in the capital.

The average price per bairo:

  1. Bethlehem is around 4,000 euros m2,
  2. Parque de Nações 4,300 euros m2
  3. Star 4,300 euros m2
  4. Avenues New 4,700 euros m2
  5. Chiado 10,000 euros m2
  6. Principe Real 10,000 euros m2

What brings us to the future?

In our opinion, and by our market monitoring we are predicting that more and more the buyer will be younger and the product that is looking for higher quality and higher price.

This trend is not a national phenomenon or our capital, it is something that is happening more and more at international level, both in large urban centers and especially in the various capitals of the European continent.

The proximity of work, the offer of fun and digital and educational infrastructures is the engine of this movement, as well as the cure of quality of life increasingly earlier and less dictated by the day of reform. Houses with surrounding green areas, gardens, balconies, or office room are now the most important for buyers.



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