Breaking news triggers demand for Portugal as a holiday destination for the British.

Breaking news triggers demand for Portugal as a holiday destination for the British.

Portugal will be part of the "green list" of the United Kingdom, this eliminates all restrictions on the return home of British tourists, so there has been a rush of trips to Portugal this summer.

The British Government will reveal today's list of countries to which Britons can make tourist trips from 17 May. The expectation is that Portugal will integrate this restricted batch of countries that will be included in this green list.

The trend is being reported by various British media outlets.

This reaction of the British customer only reveals the strong demand of these tourists, for the destination Portugal both loved and caressed in recent years by these tourists.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is currently forbidden to travel from the UK abroad without valid justification, particularly in leisure, but the British Government will ease the restrictions from 17 May, the third stage of the outlock plan.

It is somewhat encouraging for our tourism industry to see this news, which only reaffirms the position that Portugal today has in the world as a destination of preference for a safe and quality holiday.

After a dark year, the worst for tourism Portuguese may have already fallen behind. Everyone knows that his majesty's countries are the largest emitter of tourists to the Portuguese market, so if it is confirmed that Portugal will be on the "green list" the summer can be marked by a resumption of tourism by the British.

The UK remained the main issuing market for tourists in 2020, accounting for 16.3% of non-resident overnight stays, despite a 78.5% decrease compared to the previous year, according to figures from the National Statistics Institute.

In 2019 Portugal was visited by 2.5 million Britons.

Source: Business Journal