The emotions and the pandemic

The emotions and the pandemic

All we have to do is turn on the TV, wake up with some radio station as an alarm clock, refresh one of our social media, to be hit by a huge network of affections. Throughout the country and in every corner of the world, acts of kindness and gestures of friendship and love for one's neighbour are multiplying, and we want them to survive this pandemic. What we want is for these emotions is to overlap and last even in the face of the slightest sign of recovery. I would like to highlight the very common daily expressions of affection among neighbours... people who have never seen each other until now enjoy the possibility of singing, dancing, applauding and even singing congratulations to each other through their balconies. The shy young man who has become a Neighborhood DJ, the parish priest who walks around the town exclaiming words of encouragement and strength,  the spouse of the noble nurse who, because she is on duty, finds herself deprived of her own, and who has decided to make her music play for about 12 streets to cheer the others, are some examples of what good has been tried to do for others.

In our activity the exact same thing happens. The relationship with others has strengthened. The phone call is no longer merely commercial and informative, but gives way to a phone call of proximity, of offer and so often, only to be a listener. The email, previously methodical and pragmatic, now carries words of strength and hope reflecting a genuine concern for the other. Is there anything more beautiful in real estate than winning a friend in each client? The strengthening of these bonds is a win-win situation and so are we, as human beings. Between teams, now distanced by screens and technologies, the highlight of the teleworking day has become videoconferencing to replace the coffee break and phone calls have become daily... we miss each other and that is undeniable. Trust that once it is over open arms will be waiting for us.

This is the greatest challenge for the future: the permanent institution of such beautiful feelings. All of us will leave this battle tired but also better professionals, more generous, richer in affections!


Text: Lurdes Duarte

Picture: Photo Mix by Pixabay