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How the Listing Photos and Videos You Use Can Make or Break a Sale

How the Listing Photos and Videos You Use Can Make or Break a Sale

Humans are visual creatures. We process visual information at an alarming speed and make a judgement on that information almost just as quickly. The use of the right images has an impressive effect on online marketing, across all platforms.

The use of images and videos, and the quality of photography and videography are essential when selling a property. Images capture attention far quicker than text does and receive far more engagement and listings with high quality photos and videos are clicked on more than those without, or those with poorer visual presentation. 

The world is moving more and more online and as such, the digital presentation of your property is truly essential in attracting buyers and getting the property sold quickly and for the best price possible.  

Importance of Visual Marketing in Real estate

Buyer habits have evolved massively over the past few years. The vast majority of buyers use the internet when searching for a property and make many decisions about a property from online listings, before they even consider contacting an estate agent or agency. 

The restrictions over the past year and a half have only accelerated the digitalisation of the real estate industry. More people have been relying on online resources to gather information about properties, and in turn use this information to make decisions about which properties to visit and sometimes even purchase. 

If a property is presented poorly digitally, then the likelihood of people choosing to make the effort to visit the property will be greatly reduced. The amount of time people spend looking at listings, the click through rate and number of enquiries all decrease when listings contain poor quality visuals.

Online listings that contain a large number of high quality photos of the interior and exterior of the property more than often sell faster than those that don’t. Properties with better digital presentation can sometimes even sell for a higher price than those without, likely due to the fact more interest is generated for properties with better online listings. 

Even if your property is perfect for someone, if that isn’t being portrayed in your online listing then it will be hard to convince them of this, and get them to take the time to visit in person. A lot of important information about the property can be portrayed through photography, which may be the deciding factor for buyers to book an in person visit. 

High Quality Photos Make a Huge Difference 

First and foremost, image quality is of utmost importance. Poor quality images, with bad lighting, that only show small sections of the rooms, not only fail to accurately portray the property, but can even paint a negative image of the property. 

Using photos with poor lighting makes it difficult for buyers to truly see what the property looks like, and can make rooms seem darker and smaller than they actually are. Blurry photos will also more than likely put prospective buyers off and can show a lack of care on the part of the agency and/ or owner. 

With poor quality photos it can be difficult for potential buyers to properly visualise the property increasing the likelihood that it will be eliminated as a choice by buyers, in favour of a home that is better represented online. 

It goes without saying that it is also essential to make sure photos are up to date, and the property is accurately represented in the photos taken. Not only will the image quality often be far poorer in older photos, but it’s likely changes will have been made to the property or area since the older photos were taken. 

The Number of Photos Matters

The number of images included in listings is also important. Too few photos of a property online is a common complaint from those searching for properties, and many will automatically disregard a listing that doesn’t contain enough photos. Many feel that if only a few photos of a property are published, it means that there is something in the property that the owners do not want to show, even if this is not the case. 

You want to show as much of the property as you can in your photos, of all areas of property including the outside. The more photos the listing contains, the more visual information the prospective buyer has and the more likely they are to enquire for further information and arrange a visit. 

Growing Importance of Video

Video is becoming a more and more important tool in real estate marketing. More people are not only looking for listings with video tours but they are also more likely to enquire further about properties with videos in the listings. For obvious reasons, buyers trust video more than they do photos. They get a better idea of what the property is like and whether it is worth visiting in person. 

The clients you attract with a well put together video will often be more likely to be interested in purchasing the property as they already have a good idea of what the property is like. 

Video content tends to capture people’s attention and for longer periods of time than photo. You can also portray far more information about the property using video than you can with just photos, making it easier for buyers looking for properties to know if it’s the property that will suit their needs. This is one of the probable reasons that videos are so good at converting clients. 

How We Can Help

At Casaiberia, ensuring that all the properties within our portfolio have a large number of high quality images in the listings is a huge priority. Not only do we make sure the equipment we have to capture photos is up to date to ensure the photo quality is optimal, but we also take into consideration the camera position, angles and lighting, both natural and artificial. All of these factors are important in real estate photography.

A lot of time is spent planning photography sessions to ensure the final results are optimal, and that image quality across the photos is consistent. We spend time making sure the property’s features are properly highlighted and make sure to take images that portray a lot of the information that buyers are looking for (outside space, views, features, parking etc.), and capture buyers’ attention. 

Videos are also included for most properties. The videos show the interior of the property and drones are used to capture footage of the exterior. These are edited to show the property off as well as possible. As well as high quality photos and videos, we make sure all accompanying information and details are laid out clearly to complete the online listing.

Making sure that properties are presented well online is so critical and will only become more so as digital platforms develop. Online listings are the first impression many buyers will have of your property and so you want to make sure that first impression is as good and memorable as possible. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our services and working with us then don’t hesitate to get in touch.