Expectations for office real estate: What do companies want right now?

Expectations for office real estate: What do companies want right now?

Expectations for office real estate: What do companies want right now?

Expectations for office properties: What companies want now.

The home office trend is increasing demand for more flexible office space, but unfortunately there are few of them in the current real estate market.

The pandemic-related shift of everyday work from the office to one's own home has made it generally more difficult to rent office space.  Therefore, one can speak of a so-called pause in the market for office real estate, because let us be honest, the pandemic has led to a clear uncertainty in the company planning.

The number of rental requests has decreased significantly due to Corona. It is like many companies have pressed the pause button. The still existing uncertainty among entrepreneurs and health authorities and politicians international and nationally that one is still not sure whether new waves of infection could lead to further lockdowns and thus influence the economic situation again. Opens the discussion about a central question that would be there, how, and how far and to what extent the pandemic will change the office work world in a lasting way, or already has.

The translocation of the working environment, as well as the suspension of a large part of the business trips, leads to a new requirement for office buildings. New workplace regulations under COVID-19 could lead to companies having their employees work at a greater distance from each other. This can lead to a future increase in the demand for space by 10 to 15 percent, even if more employees work one or two days a week in the home office.

New ideas and modern room solutions with modern surfaces are needed, which can be expanded or reduced whenever necessary.   Flexible usage concepts are required with modern room  solutions with innovatively designed work and conference areas as well as homely designed retreat rooms.

Because of the increased use of videoconferencing rather than on-site calls, a fiber optic cable connection is essential and must be standard today. As well as the flexible and high-quality networking within the buildings.


Author: Paulo lopes



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