Portugal - the country of all charms

Portugal - the country of all charms

When we travel the country from North to South and if we have the opportunity at each point to contact  with a local, we certainly will not leave that part of the country without getting to know about a charming story, a superb delicacy, an unforgettable landscape or a regional music. It is certain and known that everything seems to have already been said about our country, the famous "corner planted by the sea", full of sun, good people and friendly traditions. Owner of an unparalleled historical and cultural heritage, this country gathers the most beautiful mountains and the vastest plains, a unique coast and a very rich gastronomy. To know this nation is a unique privilege which once experienced will not be forgotten. 

It is with pride and vanity that we listen to the reasons why our clients, coming from all corners of the world, intend to live here, be one of us, learn the language and get to know Fado. I fondly remember an experience that involved two French clients / friends who, after buying their beautiful villa - which they decided to call "A Casa" (portuguese for The House) - asked me for help in a route to get to know the Alentejo. In a journey all done on two wheels, the photos taken in each stop were sent to me as well as the description of the smells they felt, the taste of the traditional  dishes, the unmistakable wine and the Cante (folk lament) they heard in village taverns. This is an example of the soul that Portugal imprints on people... Those who visit it surrender to it, those who live there envy every compliment.

This is also our role as real estate agents. To know how to welcome and guide those who come to us, full of dreams and eagerness to meet a new people.

After this period that we are currently living, this sharing of ours will be even richer and more responsible. All over the world we hear news about Portugal and the way we have reacted to the pandemic and we will continue to do so, so that in the future, the new Portuguese legend will be the heroic way of how we have known to fight all fears.

Portugal is waiting for you and its charms too!


Text: Lurdes Duarte

Picture: Martine Auvray by Pixabay