Portugal - The world´s best destination for 3 consecutive years

Portugal - The world´s best destination for 3 consecutive years

Portugal has been elected the world best destination for the third year in a row, which comes as no surprise to us. Here you can find everything from small charming villages, rich with heritage and genuine Portuguese cuisine, to large metropolitan cities, with Michelin star restaurants and active nightlife. With its world-renowned beaches, excellent gastronomy, top quality wines and one of the best climates in Europe, Portugal attracts people from all over the world, seeking better life quality, both for body and mind.

The high international interest for the Portuguese property market has led to a significant increase in new properties built with higher quality standards and resourcing modern technology solutions. Despite an increase in pricing as a result of the high demand, Portugal's property market is most advantageous compared to most European countries, due to a lower price per sqm.

Whether you are interested in living here permanently, acquiring a vacation home or purchasing a property for investment purposes, we are here to help you find what you are searching for and guide you throughout the process, to ensure a smooth and efficient purchase.

Most of the non resident property owners look to profit of their property through holiday rentals. It is a great opportunity to generate a good return of investment, due to the increasing amount of tourists every year and generous pricing during high season. 
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