Polish and present! How am I going to sell my property!

Polish and present! How am I going to sell my property!

You don't sell a property every day. And there are a lot of pitfalls in the middle of the road, from preparation to price negotiation. And what is the right way to success?

There may be a variety of reasons to sell a property: moving from living place to another city, the house became too big after the children moved in, or financial reasons. But what do I have to look at the sale, so that my beloved property will hand over to others who give it the same value and satisfaction? This takes six important steps:

  1. Find documents

If you want to sell, you must first prepare and find all the necessary documents for the sale of your property. It always makes a good impression and you are not unprepared when the potential buyer shows up and asks you for documentation for analysis. Something that is often devalued, but is indeed very important are; the actual calculation of the housing area and the floor plan design that should definitely be available.

However, it is also important to have documents about the location, technical condition of the building and equipment, and any evidence, invoices of the modernizations already carried out.

  1. Beauty repair versus modernization

We advise that minor defects, such as squeaking doors or leaking faucets, should be corrected definitively before selling, in order to make a good first impression. But beware: defects in the house, such as the serious infestation of the mold, should not be concealed, but reported. This creates confidence in the transparency demonstrated, and can avoid in some situations empasses for minor or greater reasons.

Already on the issue of modernization the subject is more complicated. Often it makes little sense to invest before the sale in modernization or cosmetic because from our experience, this to date has been reflected in the purchase price. On the contrary, experience tells us that many times buyers are in doubt and the taste is different, however the cost that is reflected in this action in the seller's currency carrier never have return and causes emotional problems between seller and buyer derived to taste.

  1. Prices

Which brings us to the most important question: price. No one wants to feel like you sold the house too cheap. But if you're going to bet too high on the price, you risk the sale of the property becoming a nightmare, because no one is interested in seeing it. For the first price orientation, it is worth taking a look around and make a reasonable average, never starting from the higher value, but from the average practiced in the surroundings.

Just look for properties equal or similar in the area in the main real estate portals and in the newspapers.

  1. Make proper advertising

If you don't sell in the circle of friends or acquaintances, there's no way around online ads. Examples can be OLX.pt, fair cost, idealista.pt or imovirtual.pt. Quality photographs are very important, as well as how and in what state are the rooms in which the photographs were taken. It does not serve the quality when you still see the leftovers of lunch in the kitchen and the pajamas on top of the messy bed in the bedroom. Like other situations I don't want to highlight here.

  1. Surveys and visits

At the bottom, there are two types of stakeholders: the curious, and those who have serious buying intentions. It is important here to separate the tares from the wheat from an early age. Something that sometimes fails the private for lack of experience of human knowledge and to ask the right questions before the visit.

Visiting dates and times should always be set as individual dates to give the buyer the value, however it is okay if the second visit is scheduled after an hour. Because so anyone who is interested and needs more time to visit, can realize that they are not alone within those interested.

You should always prepare for the question, "Why are you selling?" In general, one should speak openly about the reasons, because sign communication in this opening invites the opponent to realize that he is facing a person of trust and total transparency. However, it is also clear that those who urgently need to sell, for financial reasons, for example, should not immediately disclose this problem, but rather the need for change in life, which does not leave it to be the pure truth.

  1. Price negotiations

In peace lies power. In other words, anyone who makes it clear that things have to go quickly risks a poor negotiating position when it comes to prices. In general, one should not respond directly to the buyer's first offer. But as a rule, those interested generally want a discount on the price of just under five percent - we can then agree halfway.

Do I sell or give to sell to the Real Estate Mediation Consultant?

There is no time, no patience, no vocation for all these steps to sell your property? So selling with a Professional Mediator can be the sensible and best option for you.

Professional Mediators have an often undervalued benefit that is that of the kind of neutralizer between the parties. That is, as the name already induces the mediator who mediates the situation and the business between the parties, because we cannot forget that the sale of a house in which the seller himself still lives is an emotional process in which the Mediator brings and leads to an objective distance.


Autor: Paulo Lopes