With the crisis, Portugal has not lost its investment attractiveness

With the crisis, Portugal has not lost its investment attractiveness

A sign of this trend and the example of the French Entrepreneur Claude Berda who is now also debuting at Graça in Lisbon. The French millionaire's company will invest €25 million in a luxury residential project in the historic centre of our capital.

Situated on a plot below the viewpoint of Nossa Senhora do Monte, in Lisbon, this project in the historic center of Vanguard Properties will be named "Torres do Monte".

The objective for this project is to create a building from scratch in the area of Graça that has size and a relevant deployment area to build the first super-premium building in the historic area of Lisbon, with finishes in line from what was done by Vanguard Properties in Castilho 203, building that counts Christiano Ronaldo as one of the owners.

Terraços do Monte will be implanted in a plot of 1500 m2 where a building with a gross private area of 3300 m2 will be built on five floors .

The project foresees 28 apartments since T1 and T4, between 60 m2 and 200 m2, around €7,000 and €10,000 per square metre. This building will also have in addition to a modern gym, SPA, swimming pool and 63 parking spaces.

What has been seen in Lisbon and Porto is that the luxury segment where Vanguard is positioned continues to recover, without having been affected by the pandemic, with the exception of two or three weeks of outage at the end of March.

Contrary to what has been happening in many countries, Portugal has not lost the attractiveness that is characteristic of it. And real estate investment is different from investing in the Stock Exchange, which is a volatile and risky market.

Our country remains attractive and is one of the safest places in the world, so it must be concluded that the real estate market in Portugal may be affected in some segments, but we must conclude that in the medium and high segment demand remains unchanged.

Source: Expresso