What to do when you put your house up for sale

 What to do when you put your house up for sale

Preparing your house for sale can give you more work than you might think, since the special attention in decorating until have to do minor repairs.

This preparation is crucial both for the pictures, that will be used in the sale of your house, as for subsequent viewings.

To eliminate the sense of visual chaos, we advise you to:

Keep it clean and tidy: No doubt this is a very important factor! To those who see your house for the first time, whether in pictures or during the viewing, is to avoid any distractions that prevent the buyer from focus on the details that really matter. Keep every room in the house tidy, put away personal objects, organize bookshelves, and pay attention to details such as fluff up your cushions and straighten your curtains.

Small cosmetic improvements: To put your house on the market, must take into account if you need some improvement, for example, a new paint job. Discuss this matter with your consultant, in order to understand whether this type of investment will be favorable or not.

Decoration: Personal tastes aside, when it's time to sell your home, try to keep a more neutral decoration during the photo shoot and the visitors, allowing the purchaser to imagine the house as his own.

Pets: In addition to the personal preferences, you must pay particular attention to the allergic issues, which may make it difficult to make the viewing. For this reason, during a viewing, if you have pets, keep them in a single room, avoiding that your pet becomes the center of attention, instead of the house.

Lighting: During the viewing, the consultant will open all the blinds and turn on most of the lights in order to promote your home. For this reason, replace blown bulbs, and in the case of shutters or blinds that don't work correctly, fix them.

Garden, pool or outside spaces: Take in consideration that this space should be arranged and taken care of, which any decor and garden equipment must be in good condition.