What factors normally influence the price of real estate and what should be taken into account before selling!

What factors normally influence the price of real estate and what should be taken into account before selling!

Before selling, a report from a real estate agent can reveal how much the house really is worth.

Pre-evaluation is not always necessary, nowadays there are many ways to get data online. But a professional's experience is certainly always a way to go. Note that the good real estate agent is usually the one who starts with a conservative rating and not the one with the highest rating. Most of the time, these second mediators are only interested in listing the property, only to later tell the seller with low deals that he can only sell his property at a bargain price. This is, of course, due to the fact that, if the pre-valuation of the property is overvalued, the market also calls for much less interested, since they have already been deterred by the high price of the property in advance.

So what else is and should consider when selling your own property when the decision has been made to sell the house or the holiday property.

The first question immediately arises, what is the value of my property?

Initial indications are provided of comparable sales of nearby homes. But be careful in most cases, the price of the offer is not the actual selling price, because most of the time, both the buyer and the seller will have different views on buying a property. Positions that both parties incorporate in price negotiation.

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Depending on the target group, use also plays a role for the value of the property, often also the emotional side of both the buyer and the seller. And this is where the work of a good real estate agent that is bringing both sides together stands out for the path of reason so that everything and the whole becomes a successful mission.

The value of a property is also measured by its energy efficiency. New windows or modern heating or air conditioning are about appreciation. In the case of a planned timely sale, owners should carefully check whether this is really worth while taking into account a possible expense and additional work and whether they can be safely implemented in the remaining time up to the date of the sale. In most cases a new owner has his own ideas and this added value fills very little influence on the valuation of the property.

Unfavorable room layouts or special equipment, on the other hand, can reduce the value of the property. However, a good staging of the house can be helpful see here  https://www.casaiberia.com/blog/casaiberia-home-staging-valorizar-remodelar-decoracao-harmonizar-potencial-646  or a better presentation as here https://www.casaiberia.com/blog/imovel-vender-o-meu-imovel-venda-de-imovel-em-portugal-imobiliario-mercadoimobiliario-venda-particular-casaiberiarealestate-623 can help you in selling your house in the future.

Author: Paulo Lopes