Some tips to overcome the Housing Crisis may be as follows:

Some tips to overcome the Housing Crisis may be as follows:

(A) 'the Communication' means

It's normal that we want to stick ourselves in a hole and see if the storm passes without it affecting us. However this human reaction is not seen in a good light because it works with us, so we have to communicate. When communicating we have to be true, transparent and sensible, otherwise nobody trusts us in the moment and the post-crisis time. We are doing it for ourselves and for our employees, clients, family and friends, because if we don't "communicate" they may think the worst that we have already stopped working and fighting for them. Be transparent and honest let everyone know what's going on; even if you can't articulate a solution right now, it shows you're working on it.

Invest time in everyone and every part that has accompanied you in your professional life, talk to your clients and your key people. They will appreciate your attitude and will give you the vital support that you will need. Make time for personal phone calls with your partners and key people, you will be compensated. The more you communicate, the more you will realize how others are needing to talk to you as well, it will be compensated after the crisis by them to you.

B) "Involve your team and your clients in the solution"

By involving your team and your clients so they can be part of the solution. You'll somehow involve hundreds of people, it may perish as a crazy idea, but the truth is that by involving so many people you involve a lot of different talents and knowledge from unique points of view. With a different view of the problem and its solution, but your clients when they participate really want to help you find a solution and will offer you valuable ideas. Give them a platform and you'll be surprised at the result.

It's somewhat different than usual, but the times are also very different from usual, so approach your whole team and in the end it will be them and them in common work and effort that will save your project.

C) "Optimize resources"

You can only work with a 100% dedicated team committed to helping the business and customers, you can't afford to deal with team members who don't show that! You and your team must be a unit willing to do things never done before and not look at the job description in the job contract, here only the safeguarding of the proper place of work and all colleagues counts, we are all in the same boat. In these times of today the philosophy of "servant/leader" is fundamental to establish trust and take advantage of the contributions of stakeholders, creditors and clients.

D) "Focus on the message you want to convey to your clients".

Show creativity in your marketing, focusing on your employees, customers and business partners and even on income streams that have not been considered before.
Lean on your best communicators in your company. Leverage internal talent, give more freedom of expression and knowledge transmission than in previous times. You will thus create energies and synergies never before seen, because there was no such freedom because there were too many daily rhythms and rituals that now in telework no longer exist. Focus and execute!

E) "There was always a solution to all problems!"

Problems are not coded, and it will not be now that we need an ENIGMA to solve the problems we face. We need to analyse "THE PROBLEM" and come up with a solution by evaluating it and choosing a way to solve it. This was the case before COVID19 happened, and it will be the case even after it disappears. Man is creative in his way of solving problems, whether in stone times when the first fire was created, or in times of taking us to the Moon. Everything has a solution! Solutions must always be win/win solutions, prurem the solution, talk to friends, colleagues, customers and employees and the light will appear at the end of the tunnel, I have this personal conviction and I live it in my daily life.

Conclusion: The situation of each and every colleague may be different, but it may also be likely that your colleagues are feeling the same way as you do at the moment. Go ahead, open paths, be a LEADER and apply your knowledge. These are the times that define you as a person and a professional, now is the time when the litter separates from the wheat, and only those who go down the road of differentiation survive.

I hope to have been able to make a little contribution in times of COVID19 to the motivation of my professional class and all the other Entrepreneurs in Portugal. I will continue on my way in the attempt to keep the moral high, that I can convince many that this is not the end of the world, but a challenge for everyone to stay on the path. "STAY ON THE PATH!"

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