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Experiencing Las Vegas with the Best in the Industry: Leading Real Estate Companies of the World's Global Conference

Experiencing Las Vegas with the Best in the Industry: Leading Real Estate Companies of the World's Global Conference

This past week in Las Vegas was an unforgettable experience for both me personally and for Casaiberia as a company. We had the privilege of attending this fantastic event alongside some of the top professionals in the global real estate industry. We Europeans can be a little unsure about such large-scale events but, despite some initial scepticism about how we would be received by our global counterparts, we were so pleasantly surprised by the gracious manner in which we were accepted.  

We were welcomed with open arms from the first minute we arrived at the airport in Las Vegas to the Hotel Wynn Boulevard in the heart of the city. It was here we began our real estate journey in Las Vegas for the global conference held by "The Leading Real Estate Companies of The World" and their luxury division, "Luxury Portfolio International". Various other events were held during the week including digital marketing and social media for brokers in general, as well as talks from colleagues in our network about their successes and obstacles they faced along the way.  

These were accompanied by various conferences, seminars with Network Roundtable to casual evening events and all the aim of getting to know each other together, improving our knowledge and skills and exchanging experiences from all over the world.  

Whether you have 10,000 employees or only a few, your insights are appreciated. The size of your company is not as important as the quality of your work and your willingness to share your experiences with others in the network. Here only one thing counts, and that is the service you provide to both your customers and the help you offer your colleagues in this global network. The motto is: "We’re local; we’re global", and this is truly felt in events like these. It’s the feeling that you play at every event here you are in the foreground and get your stage to exchange ideas with colleagues on the same level with the same respect whether you make 16 billion transactions in New York or have 3 million transactions in a small suburb of France; it doesn't matter, because the criteria here lie elsewhere.  

In order to be part of this network, you must first and foremost demonstrate a well-organized corporate structure and philosophy that essentially pursues 7 things, Firstly, the service to the customer; secondly, the improvement of your entrepreneurial skills; thirdly, the exchange of customers and information to generate deals, fourthly, to simplify and improve marketing and training and means to do so; fifthly, to better understand the customers in their international culture, as well as to be able to draw on the knowledge of colleagues in other countries and to accompany them through cooperation all over the world; sixthly, to be represented anywhere in the world with the same standard with a well-organized structure behind it and with this you are able to say as a local broker, you are also there for your customers globally, and finally, the seventh point like the seven continents, which is probably the best thing about "The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World", the many new friends on the globe who invite you to visit like family, as if you have always been part of it.  

This is also the point that impressed me the most this week, the closeness and friendship that is cultivated here, and the cohesion that everyone has with each other. I myself have never experienced anything like this before. 

We also had the opportunity to spend time with some fantastic colleagues like Jochen Lucke, President of Silver Creek Real Estate Group, who comes from Stuttgart and has been incredibly successful in Florida for 30 years. We also met with Sue Lowe, President of Chase International and one of the faces of the real estate industry in the USA, and Bud Bush, who built one of the most successful brokerage companies in Dallas and sold it very successfull. And has after only 3 years in Colorado established new standards with Blue Bird. Jasmine Tennis also impressed me with her determined and professional stance yet relaxed demeanour. It's not surprising that Jasmine is one of the few brokers in the US to call tech magnates when you're looking for a new property. These are just some examples of people we met who are dominating and expanding in the local market. 

In addition, there was a fantastic moderation by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in digital media Mickey Alam Khan who is responsible for me being allowed to be part of this round with Casaiberia Real Estate. Thanks to him I was allowed to show the European perspective on the question "Managing Seller Expectations in a Changing Landscape" or bring it closer to the audience present. 

Unfortunately, the latest political decisions in Portugal have clouded this event a bit, as I have spent more time explaining to those interested that our politicians in Portugal act like the elephant in a glass house shop to generate political votes, without paying attention to the possible consequences. This has affected the views of some people as to whether they should invest in Portugal, because of this fear of sudden bureaucratic changes. 

My summary of this event is quite clear we are only a part of "The Leading Real Estate Companies of the Word" we are the countries and brokers who run this business together, with shared values. Transparency, honesty, trust, and education are the cornerstones of this community of excellent real estate professionals. I am very happy that we are one of them thanks to the whole team of "The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World" and "Luxury Portfolio International".

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai in September. 

Author: Paulo Lopes