What should I pay attention to when buying a used property or renovating old buildings?

What should I pay attention to when buying a used property or renovating old buildings?

Old houses and flats are usually cheaper than new buildings but very often the most important things such as energy efficiency and living comfort are missing. 

These properties are also mostly located in long-established and naturally grown areas. In addition, the construction time is manageable, and the charm and price do the rest for it. The problem is that most old houses then have a charm, but the rooms are too small and too low, the energy efficiency is lacking, old pipes such as water and electricity and old bathrooms. Usually require significantly more repairs than initially thought and you were therefore also planning to increase the costs.

How can I start this adventure in anticipation and better prepared?

What do I have to do, and with whom should I consult before taking this step?

An architect or civil engineer should look at the property in advance and prepare an expert opinion on what the building substance and any invisible costs can be incurred. For this, a short on-site and in advance assessment is usually sufficient, and a matter-of-fact discussion with the professional afterwards.

Is it important that an old house or apartment energy is efficiently renovated?

Yes, because it is always worth it. Since today every property must show an energy certificate at the time of sale, this question is also a question of the buyer's question, which he can also claim at the price negotiation. Here, too, you can call in a professional in advance to be sure what costs you can incur with insulation and other insulation measures such as new windows or air conditioning, for example. Funding is available for this purpose through the Portuguese Environmental Authority (Fundo Ambiental, Ministério do Ambiente)

What about the purchase of a listed property?

If we buy a listed building or property, it is important to note that all renovations must be coordinated with the appropriate authorities in advance.  It should be noted that there are many requirements regarding the refurbishment, and these rarely leave room for interpretation. New windows and doors have to match the architecture and are mostly custom-made, but there are subsidies such as IFFRU ('REAS DE REABILITA'O URBANA - Portal da Habita'o (portaldahabitacao.pt)) The Portuguese  Tax Office has also provided tax relief for owners and self-users.


Author: Paulo Lopes



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