Centre - Where everything happens

Centre - Where everything happens

In Portugal's Central region, everything that is best in the country is combined - from the splendour of nature to the wealth of heritage, the traditional craftmanship, to the world-renowned innovation and technology centres.

It is impossible to highlight all the places worth visiting in this vast region, but the city of Coimbra is an unavoidable reference. With one of the oldest universities in the world, this is a dynamic and irreverent city where architecture and history combine with modernity. Between imposing monuments and buildings and "cool" shops, parks, beaches and gardens, the riverside area next to the Mondego and the nearby towns and cities there is plenty to choose from.

Besides its rich historical heritage, Aveiro is a modern city with a variety of very special experiences. It can easily be visited by foot or aboard one of the famous "moliceiros" boats. It is mandatory to visit the markets and try the typical dishes, including the remarkable sweets. On the outskirts you will find unforgettable places, such as the Natural Reserve of S. Jacinto Dunes and the beaches of Barra and Costa Nova, with charming colourful houses.

In the interior, there are places such as the cities of Viseu, Guarda and Castelo Branco, Seia with its Bread Museum, Belmonte and its Jewish Museum. But the highlight of any tour is literally Serra da Estrela - the highest point in continental Portugal, with 1993 m of altitude where you can find the only ski and snowboard resort in the country, integrated in the Serra da Estrela's Natural Park. All over the territory, don't miss the gastronomic richness, including the famous cherries of Fundão.


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