This region of Portugal has much to show, being one of the richest in diversity of our Country! We have a wide range of possibilities to show you, from Aljezur to Vila Real de Santo António.
With a very pleasant climate, mild winters and hot dry summers the Algarve reaches about 3300 hours of sunshine and in the North around 1600h. It is among the most sunny places in Europe.
Then we have its beautiful beaches with crystalline water, some well known internationally and others not so much, but that are still a hidden paradise to the masses.
The magnificent nature with the various parks and natural reserves, green prairies and mountains to explore, where the contact with the environment is maximum.
Picturesque towns with a huge cultural richness with numerous historical points that tell us the rich history of the Algarve region's past.
In addition, the Algarve has numerous activities for all ages, from water parks, land and underwater excursions to contemplate nature, horseback riding, surfing, dolphin watching, zoos, excellent golf courses, spa and innovative wellness treatments, shopping centres, museums, the discovery of national heritage, wine and gastronomy, and much, much more!
Since we know that just reading, seeing and hearing about a place is not the same as visiting and experiencing it, here are some of the best suggestions for when you'll be in the Algarve, as well as some of the properties that we have on those areas. We guarantee that you will want to stay here!

Algarve - The reasons to stay!


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