Lisbon - Europe's meeting point

Lisbon - Europe's meeting point

Lisbon is distinguished by its lively colors and architecture. The Tejo river, the Atlantic Ocean and the sky, almost always of a bright blue, frame the views of the city, a place of singular beauty. This is a city where the offer of experiences is so vast that it will be hard to decide what to do first.

From the very beginning you can walk along the immense urban extension of the city by the Tejo river, from Belém to Parque das Nações, and enjoy the leisure culture and heritage spaces along the way. You can also get to know the city's historic districts walking its hills to the sound of Fado, and work an appetite with the perfumes of the wonderful typical gastronomy. Stop at the viewpoints and esplanades, or visit the commercial and wellness areas. The enormous nightlife offers ensures that this city is alway alive. You also have Monsanto's wonderful natural area nearby, and many beaches, gardens and golf courses where you can enjoy nature.

But besides being a city, Lisbon is also a district with lots of places where you will find historical heritage and paradisiacal natural areas, dynamic cities and charming villages, high-tech poles and activities for the whole family. From Cascais' beaches and remarkable architecture to the natural splendour of Sintra's mountain range, whose town is a world heritage site, the offer of unforgettable experiences is great.

Those who visit Lisbon can also cross the tejo river and discover the so-called "south bank", with its enormous cultural dynamics and leisure spaces, and the Setúbal Peninsula, whose beauty and natural diversity finds its splendour in the Arrábida Mountains and its beaches, but does not fall behind in richness of its traditions, heritage and cuisine.


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